Cruise Holidays Questions

Cruise Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

Cruise Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you consider a cruise?

If you are looking for an amazing, no hassle, all inclusive holiday then a cruise may be for you.

Cruises are fantastic value as their inclusions are plentiful and incredible.  There are three different types of cruises; River, Exhibition and Ocean.

Unique Scenic Travel works with all cruise lines, we can match you to your perfect cruise.

What are cruise ports?

Ports are the names of the places the ship visits ie. Sydney, Australia, or Alexandra, Egypt.

The beauty of a cruise is that you can come and go from the ship and port at any time, giving you absolute freedom to explore at your will!

Do I have to visit a port?

That’s the best thing about cruising, you have total freedom of choice! You are welcome to stay onboard the ship and enjoy their facilities; ravish the buffet, play a round of golf, go for a jog along the track. Maybe you like to experience a zipline, have tea with a movie character or just relaxing by the pool or treat yourself at the spa.

What can I do in the ports?

What your heart desires.  You can chose to wander around the area, meet the locals, enjoy the beach, do your own personal sightseeing or you can go on organised shore excursions. Shore excursions are the names of tours that will give you a taste of the local area or let you participate in unique experiences such as climbing Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia, sampling Tuscan wine in the Italian countryside or Dog sledding in Alaska.  Unique Scenic Travel is able to organise unique scenic tours especially for you.

Where can I travel to on a cruise?

Anywhere you want to! 

You can do a world cruise which will show you all the treasures from Machu Picchu to Kangaroos, or you can really immerse yourself in one scenic country.  The vast corners of the globe are yours to discover on cruises.

Imagine exploring the vibrant and lush scenery of Australia, enjoy unique cultural encounters in Asia, and discovering unique architecture in Europe,   Marvel at the dreamy sandy white beaches of the South Pacific,  discover the hidden gems of the Middle East to kayaking amongst the incredible wildlife of Antarctica.

How long is a cruise?

It varies on the itinerary. Some cruises are as short as 3 days to World cruises which can be over 100 days in length.  Talk to Unique Scenic Travel about your requirements and we will find a cruise with your name on it.

What will I see?

That depends on where you travel to. If you’re in Alaska you’ll see glaciers, whales and majestic scenery.  In Antarctica – The most pristine continent on earth – you’ll have the ability to witness penguins starting a family.  In Scandinavia you have to the chance to see the northern lights. You can venture into the unique offerings of Africa whereas in the Mediterranean you’ll see amazing history, art and culture. Or go to Australia and climb the sydney harbour bridge, swim with incredible marine life or surf the famous beaches.  Wherever you travel to, you will be guaranteed immersive unique experiences and scenic sights.

Cruise Ports

Is Alcohol included on cruises?

On some cruise lines Alcohol is included others it is considered an extra. You have a choice of cruises that include all-inclusive liquor (some include fine wines and premium brands) or you can purchase alcoholic packages.

What is the age demographic?

It depends on the CruiseLine and time of travel. Unique Scenic Travel will match you to your dream cruise, whether its family friendly or adults only, Exhibition style, themed or a relaxing transatlantic cruise.

What types of food is available on cruises?

Incredible tasty delights.  Fresh food comes aboard every port. The chef’s delight in thrilling everyone with fantastic displays of their talent that taste as incredible as they look. Stupendous buffets to Michelin praised expert Five course meals. Enjoy Lobster Dinners, treat yourself to afternoon tea with all the trimmings. All dietary needs are catered for.   Your cruise will have unique dining options and speciality restaurants onboard to choose from amongst casual eateries.  You’ll be able to accompany your  amazing food with specially designed drinks, apperiffs and more!

Are cruises good for families?

Cruises are great for everyone.  There are many family friendly cruises.  Imagine Your kids enjoying a magical character dining experience or playing mini golf with Queen Elsa.  Your family can go rock climbing together, or ride the bumper cars onboard! 

Kids and Teen Clubs are onboard (catered to all ages) with trained staff who will entertain, babysit, and feed your kids throughout your cruise.  This gives you the freedom to enjoy some adult only time both onboard and in ports.

What is a themed cruise?

Themed cruises offer you an opportunity to really immerse in your specific interest. These can include enriching lectures and hands-on interactive demonstrations.  By engaging in optional shore-side excursions, these cruises can give an even deeper perspective to your interests.

Theme cruises can vary from having the national ballet performing on board, a literary festival at sea; where you can listen and learn from authors of best-selling books, to enrichment cruises for those who like to learn and really engage with a subject such as space (NASA) or history.

There are cruises that travel to the sites of World War 2 with expert guides.  Enjoy Wine & Food Festivals around the world, experience a Summer Solstice cruise, or immerse yourself in a Jewish Heritage theme cruises.  Horticultural society members can enjoy surrounding themselves with the best tulips on the planet. If there is a particular theme or subject you are interested in, contact Unique Scenic Travel with your requirements.

Can you give me some examples of themed cruises?

OBERAMMERGAU PASSION PLAY 2020 will see the 42nd production of the Oberammergau Passion Play, which traditionally takes place on an open-air stage against a backdrop of stunning Bavarian scenery and featuring world renowned music and costumes.

MONACO GRAND PRIX Enjoy a thrilling peek into the world of Formula One® auto racing with premium viewing at the incredible Monaco Grand Prix.

MIND, BODY & SPIRIT These rejuvenating voyages balance ancient holistic philosophies with modern conventional sciences; total wellness is enhanced with experts of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. Instruction and discussion on the health benefits of nutrition and diet is provided by professionals who are top in their fields.

GOLF A golfer’s dream. PGA instructors work with you on your game, golf celebrities discuss their experiences on the PGA tour, and then you’ll have the chance to tee off on world-famous courses throughout your itinerary.

JEWISH HERITAGE  Jewish Heritage voyage showcases the monuments and masterpieces that tell the tales of the region. In addition to the immersive exploration of the European Jewish experience, delve into the arts and architecture, the wine and cuisine, and the lush landscapes that kiss the shores of the Danube river.

JAZZ DAYS & CABARET NIGHTS A multi-layered experience with enriching lectures into the world of jazz and live musical performances by some of the genre’s best artists.

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