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Africa - Frequently Asked Questions

Africa has amazing accommodation. You can spend your days surrounded by luxury, with spacious rooms, very comfortable beds and room service by attentive staff. Unique accommodation highlights itself by making fabulous use of their surroundings while maintaining luxurious standards. Weather it is on a houseboat, where you can watch the elephants swim past on your private balcony, to having coffee with the birds and warthogs in open air with the sounds of Victoria Falls in the distance.

Be amazed at how your room can be designed along natural rock formations. You have the simple option of shutting the screen door of your patio, if you wish to stop the Zebras joining you in your room.

Africa has many transport options from land to water. Depending on your personal preferences, you can enjoy all types of travel experiences. From rustic camping to supremely luxurious safaris. Even walking safaris will allow you to fully immerse in nature during the day while having luxury accommodation to enjoy at night.

Jeeps will be used for game drives. They are specially designed to get up close to animals while giving you fantastic views of the scenery. Imagined being surrounded by a tower of Giraffes!

Both one and two engine planes are used to transport you to different locations. Landing on airstrips in the middle of natural parks is a fantastic experience. Occasionally animals will be on the airstrip and you may have to wait for them to leave in order to land or take off! In the air you will enjoy the scenery, making out the animals meandering along the plains and rivers.

Depending on your preferences, you can take a speedboat between destinations, or even a hot air balloon! Your African experience can include unique transport such as morokos and micro flights in some areas.

A houseboat is a fantastic way to relax and see Africa. Just sit back in luxury watching the animals play, as you let someone else handle logistics.

Your Africa trip will be unique to you.

Every day is a uniquely exciting day. There are many safari activity options you can choose from. Looking from the deck of a riverboat is an adventure in itself with all its luxury and facilities for you to enjoy. Sitting in a jeep you may find yourself surrounded by elephants having a joyful social party.

The days are well organized and fun no matter what activities you choose to do. Listed below are some examples of what your day can bring.

You will have your own guide and separate driver both of whom will ensure you have every opportunity to see all that the area has to offer of its wildlife, birds and varying vegetation and habitats.

Morning drives usually start before sunrise, allowing you to take in the best of the morning game-viewing. The afternoon drives often continue after dark to try and spot some of the Park’s night-time inhabitants.

The wildlife is usually more active in the morning and evening; therefore we optimize your sightings by going via the wildlife’s schedule. Imagine seeing a pride of lions playing with their cubs, hippos playing with each other in the water, zebras going for a run or even play fighting. All this before your scrumptious breakfast!

Night drives are done after sunset. Using infrared light to not hurt wildlife or interfere in their routine you can see a baby leopard wanting for its dinner while mummy leopard hunts their dinner, maybe you’ll see their dinner being brought to them up a tree! Night drives only last 1-2 hours but the wildlife you will see is amazing. Animals show unique behaviour in the dark and you will have many fantastic tales to brag to your friends!!!

This is a safari done on foot. Getting up close and personal to wildlife at eye level is a unique experience you will remember forever. Along your walk your guide will educate you on how to identify animal tracks as well as highlight interesting facts about the area. It’s a great way to understand the smaller wildlife – which can’t be easily seen from a vehicle.

You will be accompanied by a guide as you walk from one overnight camp to another deep in the heart of the park, along the riverbanks, exploring areas where there are no roads, so you are unlikely to see anything but wildlife. Zambia is one of the best places for these types of safaris.

Boat safaris offers a spectacle of wildlife to view safely from the comfort of your boat. The rivers are best navigated in the rainy season as the rivers are fuller. The scenery is lush with hippos and wildlife is everywhere! elephant sightings will be common and make for fantastic sights as they cross the rivers and bathe in the water.

Africa is home to many unique tribes which offer opportunities to visit many villagers. You can learn the culture of the local people, and understand more about how they live. You have unique opportunities to stay in a simple African thatched hut if you want to live as a villager for a night or two.

There are many different types of specialist safari’s available. Listed below are a few samples

  • Birding Safari

There is a vast array of birds in Africa. A birding safari is usually accompanied by an expert birding guide. Bird lovers appreciate the time to listen to bird song, twitters, and calls. You will often see birds landing on larger game, eating insects off of them or just using the zebras, antelope etc, as a perch!

  • Shoebill Safari

This exceptional safari will take you to the land of the remarkable shoebill.  As well as the shoebills you will also see the endemic black lechwe along with tsessebe, elephants, lions, giraffes, and host of other species.

  • Photography Safari

There are many fantastic ways to photograph your way around Africa.  With escorted photography tours that will take you to the heart of the action to accommodation that will supply equipment for you to learn on.  Photography safaris are suited for both beginners through to expert.

  • Carnivore Week

This special, rare chance is an opportunity to get close to the endangered wild dog, immerse with lion prides, learn how to track hyenas amongst so much more. Carnivore week can be custom made to your requirements or you can join a escorted small group safari.

  • Bat Safari

Rated among the top events in the wildlife calendar. Up to ten million “straw-coloured fruit bats” converge as the fruits of a local tree ripen. These bats literally cover the trunks of the trees like thick icing. Then at sunset they all take off and fly out to forage. thickening the sky with bats.

African wildlife is wild. While on safari you are experiencing them in their natural territory. If you are interested in interacting with the wildlife you can look at ‘walking with Elephants’ and volunteering. These options may be more suited for you.

Hints and advice:

* Take US dollars in small change as it is very useful for purchasing souvenirs, and to pay any gratuities.

* Animals will attempt to inspect your room if you let them, if it’s recommended to close your room doors and zip up your tent!

* Enjoy it, just get up and go! 

*Take the opportunity to enjoy stargazing, get up early in the morning as early as you can and enjoy the great days.

* Eat everything on offer, as it tastes delicious and is prepared to Michelin star standards. The food is fresh, organic, local and incredible!

*Always keep your eyes open!

Don’t ever turn down an opportunity to go to Africa.  Go on a tour group, go by yourself or with friends. Honestly if you’re on a safari you’ll always be very safe, there’s always a ranger with you and they are all excellently trained, they know what they’re doing and how to make your holiday unique for you.

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